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Hi, I'm Gamerguy and I'm here to Stay!

2012-04-17 09:59:27 by gamerguy2417

I am gamerguy2417 and I am here to stay (As I have explained in the title). I don't intend to make music or animate becuase I don't know how (Could someone out there please show me, I would like to have some good content). But I do intend to bring my creation, The People to life. They are a simple little creation of mine which are basically some charecters I do in my spare time, which I don't have much of.

I will release some basic sketches of each and then release the photoshop edited versions later. But I would like to say, Its great to be here on newgrounds and one day I would love to go to meet the greats of newgrounds. I would like to also ask some animators out there for some help because I want to get an animated series on Newgrounds but don't know how to animate.

Well, I'll talk later, bye!